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Analytical Balance

Analytical Balance
Analytical Balance
Product Description

ALITY Analytical balanceis a classof balance designedto measure smallmass in thesub milligram range. Themeasuring pan ofan analytical balance(0-500G) is insidea transparent enclosurewith doors sothat dust doesnot collect andso any aircurrents in theroom do notaffect thebalance's operation. Thisenclosure is oftencalled a draftshield. The useof a mechanicallyvented balance safetyenclosure, which hasuniquely designed acrylicairfoils, allows asmooth turbulence-free airflow thatprevents balance fluctuation.Room Temperature to prevent natural convection from forming air currents insidethe enclosure from causing an error in reading. Singlepan mechanical substitutionbalance maintains consistentresponse throughout theuseful capacity isachieved by maintaininga constant loadon the balancebeam.



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